From Startup to Corporate Exit in 6 Years

TiE Conference 

JP James, Co-founder of Libreum International and founder of eSociety, spoke at a conference powered by The Indus Entrepreneurs Atlanta. He shared his "story behind the glory" and appeared on a panel alongside three other successful entrepreneurs from the Atlanta area for a Q&A from the audience. Check those videos out here to get look into the various stories behind entrepreneurial success and to learn from the experts.

Executive Training Program

We understand that going through an educational program for an entrepreneur can be a complete waste of time and money. Taking that into consideration, we designed a program to give you milestones to accomplish to efficiently to start, grow, and exit your venture successfully.

Course Overview 

There are 5 different milestone phases that walk a company step by step through their growth and finalization stages.

Idea Development & Evaluation

- Develop & Evaluate Idea

- Create Profitable Business Model

- Create Business Form

- Secure Seed Financing

- Seek Intellectual Property Rights

- Conduct Market Feasibility Analysis

- Prototype Product / Service

- Acquire & Utilize Board of Advisors

Business Planning

- Develop Business Plan

- Secure Series A Financing for

- Business Launch

- Finalize Prototype

- Gain Customer Feedback

Business Launch

- Evaluate & Recruit Senior Management & Human Resources

- Finalize Offering

- Gain Board Approval of Venture

- Execute Business Plan & Launch Venture

Corporate Sustainability

- Secure Series B & C Financing

- Launch Competitive Customer Service Program

- Stabilize Operations

- Launch National & International Marketing Campaigns

- Activate R&D Division for Future Development

Corporate Exit

- Streamline Internal Processes

- Boost Corporate Valuation

- Negotiate Technical Aspects of Deal