At the end of the day we want to help you grow as quickly and efficiently as possible. To do that best, we partner ventures with a seasoned entrepreneur in your vertical to coach you through the growth of your company.

We meet with clients weekly to setup, evaluate, and execute on goals and milestones. Through the week, we go back and forth to help educate, connect, and coach you through the process. We have had tremendous success with this model, and have help hundreds of fast growth ventures globally through our accelerator program.

Coaching fees vary based upon the revenues, size, and number of partners in the venture and their capabilities. The organization is structured as a big-little program, working with a small number of larger ventures to work with a larger number of small ventures.

Fees may be adjusted on a case by case basis. Factors may include profit margin of venture, maturity of venture, risk and scope of work, number of partners, scalability, fundability, and entrepreneurial experience.

Coaching hours are needs based, but are typically weekly fixed meetings with back and forth materials and communication through our customized project management system. Milestones are determine based upon deliverables that are set, then specific due dates and goals are set with the coach.