“To lead people,

walk behind them."

- Lao Tzu


Our core team is built of individuals of the highest values, including humility, experience, expertise and the willingness to aggressively help our clients achieve success.

Board of Directors
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Global Executive Committee

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JP James

Managing Director

Sandeep Prabhakara

Xcelerator Program Director

Kally Lloyd

Programs & Technical Project Coordinator


eSociety Advisors

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Vinny Alex

Technology, Business process automation, Software development

Constantine Dantoulis

Strategic Development, Financial Analysis, and Growth Consulting

Corbett Gilliam

Business development, IT Services, Marketing strategy

JP James

Finance, Distribution, Software (Startup, Strategy, Management, IT, Systems Development, Capital Raising)



Zigi John

Software and Mobile app development

Matthew Loney

Brand Consultation, Restaurants, and Acquisition

Jonathan Marshall

Technology, Creative (Marketing Strategy)

John May

Technology, SaaS (IT)


Jack Miller

Technology, Cable (Startup, Capital Raising, Team Management, Exits)

Steve Mitcham

Technology, Web (Startup, Capital Raising, Team Management, Management, Strategy, Exits)

Thomas Parackal

Financial analysis, Accounting, Bookkeeping

Sandeep Prabhakara

Healthcare (Strategy)



Adam Ross

Technology design, and Mobile Apps


Bill Schnitzer

Manufacturing (Startup, Leverage Buy-Outs, Acquisitions, Strategy)

Allyson Smith

Brand Management, Marketing, and Business Strategy


Dan Shmalo

Startup legal device

Partha Unnava

Startup, Capital raising, Medical devices, and Healthcare