“We were young, but we had good advice and good ideas and lots of enthusiasm.”

- Bill Gates


Our Story

The Executive Entrepreneurs Society was founded in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia by a team of seasoned and aspiring entrepreneurs. The team recognized that there was no need for aspiring entrepreneurs to relearn from scratch what it took to start, grow, and sell a venture.

The group started with networking events and seminars, but quickly realized that these are only a part of the solution. The mantra quickly became, “Learn, Connect, and Xcelerate.”



They found that learning the stories of successful entrepreneurs in a similar industry can inspire, so the Executive Forum series was born in 2004. Then in 2005, the Executive Training Program (ETP) was born, which is a methodology to educate and guide ventures through milestones from startup to corporate exit.


2006 marked an explosion of entrepreneurs joining the group after we hosted a forum on “Raising Capital” with three investors on the panel. Unfortunately, the team did not have the capacity to assist each of the ventures, so the connect program was born.

Connect pre-screened quality fast growth entrepreneurs, service providers, and investors globally to assist in the development of a company.


In 2007, a growing demand for mentorship spawned the Xcelerator program. The program was designed to coach ventures through the ETP methodology and utilize the Connect program to provide relevant relationships. The wild success of the program made it the cornerstone of the organization.

In 2010, the senior staff worked with an IT development firm, to create Xecute, a project management tool that the staff would use to guide the ventures and provide analytics and keep the ventures progressing towards their milestones.